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The company

Protoshop is an IT company based in Brussels, specialized in developing websites. Its main activity is to deliver complete solutions for small and large companies. Protoshop started from the collaboration of two passionate developers, both with 5 years of IT experience in the banking sector.

Renaud Van Langendonck - Co-founder of Protoshop



Renaud has always been passionate of electronics and programming. He holds a master in Electrical engineering and is leading several personal projects covering a broad spectrum of applications, such as house automation, laser games and online online finance. He's currently working as a technical consultant for Sopra Banking Software.

Hyun Woo Krassilchikoff - Co-founder of Protoshop



Holder of a master degree in mechanical engineering and a second master in Fluid dynamics, Hyun Woo decided to start working as a developer and became consultant for several major companies in France, UK, Netherlands and Belgium. He then contributed to build the capacity of an offshore factory in India. From a team of 6 developers, his expertise and experience help to the formation of 100 employees after one year. His next goal is to create a new generation of CMS for Protoshop.

Our CMS solution

Fully responsive

Smartphone, tablet or PC. Our templates can adapt to any screen, so you can't go wrong. Try it now by resizing your window!

Easily multilingual

Add a language to your menu. Display the page in that language and edit any item by double clicking on it. Multilingual has never been so easy.

Infinitely flexible

If you are a developer, try our editor mode. You will get full control over all the sources. We're using HTML, CSS and Javascript so the sky is the limit.

Technical features

  • HTML, CSS & Javascript
  • Java
  • Proto-language
  • EhCache
  • JSON
  • Bootstrap 3.3.7
Edition of responsive websites